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Meet Dr. Alex & Dr. Bree

Dr. Alex & Dr. Bree met while they were both still in Chiropractic school at Parker University in 2021. They bonded over chicken quesadillas and margaritas on their first date (which Dr. Bree thought was potentially a joke because it happened to be on April Fool's Day, while Dr. Alex was blissfully unaware of even what day of the week it was) and the rest, as they say, is history. 

They started Innately Chiropractic in June of 2022 and were finally married in October of 2023 in Dr. Bree's hometown of Logan, Utah. They are the proud parents of Dr. Bree's adopted son, Murph, who is a 6 year old German Shepard-Heeler mix who also happens to be the office mascot. 

Dr. Alex and Dr. Bree get to continue to build their family-practice all while also building their own family, which is the greatest honor either one of them can think of. When you're here you are family... just as both doctors always intended for it to be. 

Dr. Alex DiFrancesco, DC

Dr. Alex DiFrancesco is a graduate from Parker University. He is originally from and grew up in Austintown, Ohio where he graduated from Austintown-Fitch High School. Dr. Alex played varsity basketball and baseball, and grew up as the oldest of five kids who were all athletes, so he is well versed in a family oriented-active lifestyle. In fact, it was while he was lifting in the summer for his varsity basketball team that he injured his back and went to his very first Chiropractor. From that day on, he had absolutely no doubt this was how he wanted to spend the rest of his life helping others regain their lives back. 

After graduating from The Ohio State University with a BS in Exercise Science (and attending plenty of Buckeye football games), he packed his bags and caught the first flight out to Dallas to begin his post-graduate career. After 3.5 years of school, he fell in love with the Lone Star state and decided to make himself a permanent resident here in the Great State of Texas.

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Dr. Bree Hoffman DiFrancesco, DC

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Dr. Bree Hoffman DiFrancesco is a graduate from Parker University. She grew up in the beautiful state of Utah, but always knew she wanted to end up in Texas. She spent her youth and high school years competing in the great sport of rodeo. The events she competed in were barrel racing, pole bending, and breakaway roping. Dr. Bree, and her horse, received their very first Chiropractic adjustments at a high school rodeo from a competitor’s father who was a Chiropractor. This was the beginning of her chiropractic journey.


Dr. Bree graduated with her BS in Exercise and Sport Science from Weber State University in 2018 (Go Wildcats!). She made the move to Dallas in August of 2019, and hasn’t looked back since.


Family is everything to Dr. Bree. She has one older brother, a wonderful sister-in-law, and extremely supportive parents. Although Dr. Bree and Dr. Alex don’t have kids yet, she is extremely passionate about helping families thrive and live their best lives!

Murph Hoffman DiFrancesco
Office Mascot

Murph is the Chief Morale Officer at the practice, making sure that everyone is having their very best day. Dr. Alex told Dr. Bree that there are no more free rides in their house and that Murph needed to find a J. O. B. So Murph reports for duty every Friday shift and every now and again for a middle of the week shift. 

He is very fond of anyone and everyone who would like to pet him or play with him. Some of his favorite things to do are going on long walks, eating, sleeping, eating, and playing with his toys at home. 

He is a certified good-boy and is very much looking forward to meeting you and your entire family!

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